Saturday, November 26, 2011


Still waiting.... Masuk OT kul 8.30am and till now, 11.50am masih lom keluar Yup... My dad is undergoing the appendicitis surgery procedure It stsrted with him complaining about his abdominal pain last thursday nite. My sis then sent him to a clinic... Makan ubat tapi masih sakit. come friday morning tak tahan sakit.... Hantar gi poliklinik. From there, the doctor referred him to the emergency ward kat SGH. Masuk ward pukul 3 something tunggu turn masuk OT. Lamanya menunggu only this morning masuk OT. Hopefully semuanya di permudahkan... Last time it was my brother.. Appendix pun pecah juga, but few days after baru tahu.. Operate juga.. Still waiting.....


AmirFX said...

Eeeee.. Bahaya ehhsss.. Adohh.. Kmk gik terasa sakitnya.. Semoga bapak ktk cepat sembuh...

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Tia, regret read of your father's operation. I'm sure he'll be fine.
Tell him a gentleman from Canada wishes him a quick recovery.

I had my appendix taken out when I was 12 years old.
Those days took 2 weeks to recover.
But today within 36 hours boleh joget, ha ha.
Best wishes to you and dad.

Tia said...


thanks the well wises.
he has been discharged and resting at home now..

DeLancrettLurpak said...

Hope your dad is ok now.. Get well soon ya..