Friday, March 23, 2012

Yes, I can help but don't take me for granted

A colleague. Not a friend.
I don't want to be her friend coz I dont experience that 'being a friend' feeling when I'm with her.
I don't feel comfortable.
I prefer not to have her presence around.
Officially or project based meetings that need us to be together, well it's another story lah.

I'm not a choosy person when comes to befriending anybody.
But, I have the right not to be with you when I don't feel like being with or near you.

I have no problem with other colleagues.
I have no problem being friend to the kakak cleaner or kakak security.
I have no problem at all.
But I do have problems being friend to people who looks down on other people.
I do have problems too being friend with people who like to use other people for their own convenience and never bother to offer her help in return.

I'm a simple and practical person.
I don't want to make live difficult, as life has not been that easy to me.

I guess it is not wrong for me to decline your request.
I still have the right to choose. To be or not to be with you.

Understand? Period.


Coffee Girl said...

Agree. Professionalism does not require you to be friends with your peers, colleagues or bosses. Some people just cant be trusted with friendship. :-) Sabar sabar mama.

P/s: Eh, your comment encryption is back! haiya

lvynana said...

Understand...I'll stay away from now on..huhu...

Haha, apa kes..Happy Monday.