Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Amsterdam - Brussels - Paris


Going to travel.  Amsterdam -  Brussels - Paris.

Amsterdam on official duty.  To receive the excellence award for one of our company's application system that is being used as the main system in one of the big department in the state here.  World award lagi tu.  An entourage of the state's big shots and officers, inclusive our Chairman and CEO will be going for the award presentation nite and conference.

So, why not take the chance to visit the rest of Europe while u are there, kan?  Naik the train and have a few stops at the cities along the way from Amsterdam and Paris.  Official duty then continue to take annual leave to venture.  Tiket pergi balik dah free, cuma spend on the internal traveling je.

Amsterdam famous for its red light district...he he he.. and the tulips of course.  Paris.... the city of love kata orang.  Bergambar kat Eiffel Tower is wajib!  Then follow the crowd duduk by the roadside punya cafe minum latte...

But the problem is..
bukan aku yang pergi!

But my boss cum my immediate supervisor. How fortunate and how nice.  Dah lah gaji besar, bonus besar dapat lagi travel oversea.

Well, at least I have the peace of mind for at least 2 weeks in the office.  A little bit of peace pun layan.... walau kerja menimbun dia tinggalkan for me to take care.

And during that time also, my hubby will be traveling for few days to Pahang, then followed by my parents pergi cruising from Penang-Phuket-Krabhi with my sis.  Kita juga yang dok jaga rumah...

Au revoir!


lvynana said...

Fuhhh... Indah sungguh angan2 itu... I'm So proud of That company :)

Uncle Seven said...

i baruk nok mejin u pegi tek pehhhhhhhhhhhh

Jacqueline Cheong said...

Gaji Besar, Bonus Besar, Allowance besar, travel free.... :(

Coffee Girl said...

Cis... aku ingat ko yg pegi tek. sikit gik madah mok ekot tek. hahaha