Monday, September 03, 2012

It is not my problem.

You were not asking for help.
You were just informing the person at the other end of the line on the problem that u were in at that moment.
You had not finish your sentence, and all he could say was.... 'It is not my problem."

How would u react?
- Angry?
- Blur?
- Confused?
- Smile?

I smiled.  Because I know the person who came out with that statement, very well.

Oh please, couldn't you just try to be courteous?
Couldn't you just say it in a softer manner?
Could you not add salt to the wound?
Couldn't u be more gentleman?

I was negotiating on some alternatives and solutions on some minor issues due to the main problem.  I was just asking for some helps on the minor issues cropped out due to the main problem, which are manageable to be done easily, without any big hassle.

And I'm not even asking for help to solve the main problem... sigh....

I thank you Lord for giving me the patience and forgiving heart of the highest degree!!!

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Some people...