Monday, October 15, 2012

360 degree

I am away from the office for 3 days.
Coordinating and attending workshop at 360 Urban Resort Hotel here in Kuching.

The 360 Urban Resort Hotel is the first designer hotel in Kuching. It is located in Tower A, atop the Hock Lee shopping center. This new hotel tower will complement the existing 360 Hotel operation, and together will offer guests an integrated 273 rooms that will offer a mix of standard, deluxe and suites rooms from RM 99 NETT. 
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Me this morning:
 ada microfon atas meja.... bukan nak bernyanyi ye....

my comrades...

Yang paling best hotel ni..... Wi-fi free and laju giler!!


Ez Vina said...

selamat ber'work&shop'.

Coffee Girl said...

Serious na Mama... boleh nyanyi lagu 'Kosong' lepas tok.