Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Caffeine overdose

I am.

Last day today.  Just imagine, the coffee is damn good here that I can consume 2 cups per tea break. 
There are 2 tea breaks per day.
That equals to minimum of 4 cups of coffee per day.

Photo above taken during one of the morning last week.  On the way to work.  Visibility is less than 200 metres.  Was it the mist? Was it the haze?

Even the sunshine is blur... 

That's how life is.  Ada suka ada duka.  Ada masa susah, ada masa senang.
Whatever it is, believe in yourself.
When you do, you will not hesitate to act, express yourself and move on.
If u need to take one step back, do it.  May be the view will be much clearer once you have done so.

You need to see the small thing, to have a bigger picture.
You need to feel the pinch, to enjoy the happiness.

1 comment:

Coffee Girl said...

sik ajak... it's the haze-mist. we're fogged up good!

come i pinch you... :p