Thursday, December 13, 2012

Electric Guitar for Christmas, ko ade?

Ho Ho Ho !!!
Christmas feeling is in the air.
Daddy is in the 'Santa Claus' mood!

A few nites ago, daddy happily asked Cengal and Barry to list out what they want for Christmas and submit to him. Ermm... macam submit budget pulak.
He told them that he will scan and put into consideration.
Apa lagi budak dua orang tue... menceceh terus cari kertas and work on the assignment..

Once done, sila tampal kat dinding kata daddynya.  Ni lah rupanya.....

Let's see from Cengal: 

1.  Dress
2.  Shoes (flat shoes)
3.  Sereni and Shentel headbands (ternganga daddynya bila lihat harga headband je dah RM60 each)

Siap buat note, the type she wants are the cheapest range!!!

And also, where they are available to be purchased. 
In depth research has been conducted nampaknya... :)

These are the type of the headband that I managed to google...

Party block
Let's see Barry's punya pulak...

1.  Ibanez electric guitar
2.  Amplifier
3.  Playboy perfume and body spray (hi hi hi hi..... dah bujang anakku)
4.  Shirt and trousers

ni rupa guitarnya kot.....
also, complete with price range..... another in depth research has been made..hihihi..

smart kids, they are well prepared and can think ahead of the enquries expected from daddy....hehehe

The verdict:  ALL APPROVED!

Then, Cengal asked, 'How about Mummy?".

Daddy replied, "She can list out what she wants, but I will only approve one.  Perfume!".

Perfume pun jadilah ...hehehhe...  At least ada juga....
and perfume pun ada range harga from RM 100 - 300 ++.

La la la la....
Jingle bell jingle bell...


Ez Vina said...

best ada list.

Coffee Girl said...

Perfume apa tek? Lancome? jangan alang2 pok... Chrismas is only once a year! hehe