Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Wimpy and engrossed.

Cengal and Barry are reading the book series for the past few weeks. 
They borrow from their cousin, Shasha.
She has a complete set of it.  Fourteen books I was told by Cengal.
Once in a while, I would hear these two laughing and giggling in their own rooms or in the living room. 
When I checked on them, they were engrossed reading the books...

Therefore, this morning I started to read the first book, as above.

My verdict: 
You are not too old to read the book... Good for easy reading.  No serious stuff.  Funny and entertaining.  When u read them, you can easily imagine what the writer is trying to say.
Good to improve your English especially those students out there, be it primary, secondary or even college and university going teenagers.
Simple English.  Easy to understand and lots of cartoon..

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