Thursday, October 17, 2013

Darling, come back to see me..

A month has gone by
We are still learning to say good-bye
We remember all the good times
Dropping a tear sometimes
But even though you've gone away
At least we know you're in a better place
Looking down from up above
Guarding us with so much love!

Come back to see me
Even if only in my dreams
You left me only yesterday or that's the way it seems
I've got so much to say
Little things I never told you before you went away
Come back to see me
we've got so much to do
I'd really like to hold you cuz I'm still in love with you
I miss you more than you could know...

Then I looked back at times we had and began to smile
I look back at the way things used to be
Why did God have to take you from me?
All the good times we'd been through,
Then unexpectedly I lose you
You left without warning, no time to prepare
Your soul rose above into thin air
Now these tears that run down my face
Are just a sign of your love and embrace!

May our love for you reach Heaven above                 
Until we meet again.  


ez vina said...

sob sob..

Nimi Momo said...

beautiful... *tearful*