Friday, October 25, 2013

The Saga: The Acceptance

Father Joel, our paderi di St Basil Church kata, orang yang dah meninggal ni dah terlepas dari kesengsaraan dan masalah di dunia.  Mereka tiada lagi menanggung kesakitan.  Mereka telah bebas.  

Ustaz Kazim Elias pula cakap, orang yang meninggal ni macam balik kampung.  
Kita yang masih hidup ini pun akan balik kampung tapi belum tiba masanya.

One of the most painful experiences in life is to say goodbye. Whether it is to see loved ones move to another residence or because of death, farewells are a painful time. For the Christian, there is hope in knowing, our goodbyes are not permanent. One day we will meet again and this time we will never say goodbye again. 

What awaits the believer after death is a glorious future that cannot truly be imagined!

I really salute my kids, Barry and Cengal.
They can accept the demise of their beloved daddy so well.
Cuma sekali-sekala si Cengal akan berbisik kepadaku.... " I miss daddy ....".

The three of us would still joke about how their daddy would advise them to study and study and study when the exam is near.  

Especially to Cengal, he would say," Cengal..... dah gi main handphone ya!"

To both of them he would say, " Practise your piano ok, Cengal? And Barry you too, play your guitar! I pay for your music classes and make sure you have interest to learn music."
Both of them are in Grade 2 now and scored distinctions in their recent upgrading.  Thank God!

Aku masih lagi bersedih walau pada zahirnya lagak sebagai seorang wanita yang tabah.
Aku masih mengimbas kenangan pahit dan manis.
Aku masih tercari-cari kelibatnya kerana pemergiannya seperti mimpi di siang hari.

Everything seems unreal. 
Yes, I do feel the sadness, loneliness, helplessness and fear when the pain sets in.
I believe and I am experiencing it now that there comes a slowly growing acceptance of what has happened, It may not be a happy acceptance.
But I will gradually walk to the part of healing.

So bear with me....
I will still be writing on this matter, the loss.  The impact on me and the kids.  
Our struggles to face today, tomorrow and the future.


Fina said...


I've been your silent reader all this while...

It's heartbreaking to see Cengal crying..

Stay strong kak...

Tia said...

Thanks for dropping by.

Coffee Girl said...

Hang on in there babe. :-) I feel you. I feel you.

We should have coffee next week. :)

Jaw said...

Semoga terus tabah. Tuhan memberkati.

Anonymous said...

I baru tahu....takziah. Moga U tabah. Kuat utk anak2 U.

Ophelia John said...

Be strong for yourself and your kid Mama Tia. It's sad to read this but I know you're a tough woman, but you guys can get through this tough time.

Nimi Momo said...

Kak, I am very sorry for your loss. I just knew abt it. Pls accept my deepest condolence. May God bless his soul..

Anonymous said...

Hi. Kmk baruk tauk. Lamak sik singgah blog ktk. Kesian mek nangga cengal. She s too young to accept this. Salam takziah buat kitak.
Cucu nenek kebayan