Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ma FIRST NITE in Bangkok.

This is gonna be a long entry.  May take you 5 days to read... he he he.  Kidding.
This post was drafted few weeks ago.  And today I am trying hard to finish it.  Still cant.
It's gonna be in a few parts as I want to share a lot of our photos...

Bangkok trip was a last minute decision.  The two guys, especially MrHagen had been pestering me since Dec to join them. I wanted to but was declined by few female colleagues that could not go together with me.

Not until I asked MsCyril.  Yeah!

Our trip started on Wed, 9 April and ended on Monday, 14 April. Lebih one month dah! MsCyril and I took an earlier flight to KL/Bangkok as we bought our tickets later.  

At the LCCT while waiting for our flights...
We waited for the two guys for about 45 minutes, MrHagen and MrGerald in Don Muang Airport.  From there we took a taxi to our hotel, Heritage Hotel Sathorn. Big bed and spacious room. The hotel is 'clean'. No hanky panky business. Worth it.  The hotel rooms were bought online and we got a good deal, 540 baht for 5 nites per room.  So, each of us paid 270 baht each. Free wi-fi yang laju giler. Good Deal!

After checking in and put our luggage in the rooms, we waited for no time.  It was about 10pm.  We walked to Saladaeng to eat.  Jauh nyer kena jalan!  Kena dera by MrHagen ni.  Dia bilang tak jauh, dekat jer... Ceh!  But the walk was worth it.... as it was compensated by a big bowl of pork noodle which was very yummy and you slurped the soup till the last drop.  Heaven! Marvelous!  

Tak cukup semangkuk mee, kita order lagi omelette with rice and mango sticky rice. Accompanied by a bottle of Thai Cola each.  Sedap Thai punya cola. Not so gassy. Bukan makan but melantak!  We makan at the street stall.  Eat like the local do, and the foreigners too.  Makan murah beb.... dalam RM4.00-4.50 je u untuk semangkuk mee.  Nasi pun sama.

Then we jalan-jalan along the street coz memang ada pasar malam.  Not bad.  A lot of stuff on sale. Macam-macam ada.... 

Jangan harap nak jumpa something intimate for ladies.  The g-string, underwear and the sleeveless tshirt are mostly catered for the pretty pretty boys or young men... :)
Pssst... pssst...
The young men there presented themselves very well.  They got 'six pack' and their bodies are very well toned up.  Like gym freaks.  But hey..... dia tak pandang girls or ladies lah!!!  U know what I mean, tak tau go figure... he he he.  Cukup sekadar cuci mata and telan air liur je...

Baju lip lap lip lap untuk 'konsert malam'
Do you see what I see? Hehehe....
Do you know that 7-Eleven (7-E) is everywhere in Bangkok... along one street you can find a few 7-E stores? And the stores are so pack with people.  It is just like our convenient stores here.  They sell everything.  Tak nampak pun kedai runcit biasa kat sana.  Maybe that is the reason.We bought our local telco sim card at 7-E.  Cost us only 299 baht with an unlimited internet for 7 days.

The line very the laju I tell u... Good Deal! 

Buying our sim card at 7-Eleven.
Buying our sim card at 7_Eleven.

Our plan for the day was to visit:
(a) the Mae Nak shrine in the morning, and then
(b) walk-walk kat shopping malls.

.... bersambung


Ez Vina said...

I see what u saw :p

Anonymous said...

Oh..syok syok membaca lalu bsambung. Ceh, potong stim. KAK, baju nak ada gambar org laki ya nang membuat tekak kamek loya.
Cucu nenek kebayan

grace wig said...

Enjoy reading yr blog sis...