Friday, May 23, 2014

Nang Nak @ Mae Nak. MBK. (Day one in Bangkok)

Will you see me dress up like this in Kuching, kayo-kayo pasar?
U wont.  Once in a while maybe...
Hanya di luar negara...hehehehe....
Pakai simple and sempoi je jalan-jalan di kota Bangkok.  Selesa.
Seluar tu beli kat pasar malam Saladaeng - RM20 jer... Tshirt putih tu beli kat Boulevard - RM10 je... it is cotton!
First day morning in Bangkok.  Jalan-jalan cari breakfast kat orong near the hotel.  On our way to catch the train.  Apa lagi ... makan mee sup!  Tengok tu sampai bersila MrHagen menikmati makanannya.  Lepas makan we all bergerak ke BTS station nearby.... Surasak!  These two guys dah expert ngan transport system here so no worry.  This was their fifth trip to Bangkok... gila sakan punya syiok makan angin tiap-tiap tahun ke Bangkok!

Ada arahan step by step.... but you must know your destination lah.  We took turns to but the tickets thru this machine.... macam study trip dah.... u must experience it.

Happy mode.
Usie mode on.
Tak kira tunggu train, dalam train!  No hal.... nobody know who you are there.
Our destination that day was to visit Wat Maha But, where the famous Mae Nak Shrine is located. Remember the famous Nang Nak or Mae Nak movie?

An extract from

With the story repeatedly told and dramatised, Thai people grow up hearing about Nang Nak's fierce spirit as well as undying love for her husband. Legend has it that about a hundred years ago, there was a beautiful young woman called Nak who lived on the bank of the Prakanong River. Nak married a man named Maak.
During the war, Maak was drafted to fight for his country, leaving Mae Nak at home alone when she was in labour and died in childbirth. Because of the love for her husband, her spirit refused to leave the house and waited for his return. Maak finally returned home not knowing about the death of his wife. The couple went on living together for some time as if everything was normal.
However, once her husband discovered that she was just a ghost, he fled to the temple. Mae Nak was furious and began terrorizing people in the village. The whole community was terrified. The reverent 'mor pii' (ghost doctor) heard of Mae Nak's rampage, so he came to the village and defeated her by cutting a piece of her forehead bone to make a buckle and capturing her spirit in a bottle.
Later, a shrine dedicated to Mae Nak was constructed in Wat Maha But. To this day, many people still go to the shrine for blessings and guidance.

Wat Maha But area and the Mae Nak Shrine on the top right.
Mae Nak Shrine, supposedly her burial place, is located within Maha But Temple built in the late-Ayutthaya Period, and named after the monk who initiated its construction. Locals often refer to it as Wat Mae Nak Prakanong (Temple of Mother Nak of Prakanong). The shrine looks more like a 'home' for Mae Nak and her child as it's always filled with flower garlands, colourful Thai costumes, cosmetics, toys, diapers, and milk bottles offered by devotees as gifts for her child.

No camera is allowed in the shrine.
Inside the temple area juga, you will find a lot of animals for offerings.  Ada belut, ada katak, ada kodok, ada kura-kura and even siput.  Lain binatang lain simboliknya.  Me and MrGerald bought some beluts for offerings and dilepaskan sungai berdekatan - untuk freedom of financial kata nyer....
Sekor belut harganya 10baht...
Geli-geleman gua nak pegang belut tu satu persatu... aku main tuang baldi and lepaskan slow-slow jer...
From the train station that we stop, to go to this Wat Maha But, MrHagen cakap kita jalan je.  Tak jauh, about 800 meter je... Tipah tertipu!!!! Jalan menyusur kedai-kedai yang banyak belum buka untuk sampai ke temple tu took us more then 45 minutes... jalan kaki.... berkoyan kalori ku terbakar!
Then our next destination was to walk-walk kat shopping mall.  Banyak shopping mall kat Bangkok yang besar and famous.  Kita mampu jalan kat dua mall je.... Terminal 21 and MBK!  Next trip ... ceh lalu next trip.. nak spend sehari suntuk kat mall lah.... 
Berkesempatan met up Mr Minggu, the Bureau Chief for Bernama in Bangkok... kaban sama Iban.  Kaban mua bup...hehehehe.

... bersambung agi...

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