Monday, September 22, 2014


Being in love is not a sin to be ashamed of. 
Sometimes, we may fall in love with someone at the wrong time, at the wrong place. 
We may find him/her interesting and the 'spark' exists. 
It ticks us that it then leads us to another level of relationship. 
We see him/her through the lens of our own projections, we inevitably desire those we love.

When both of you have the same feeling towards each other, it conquers all and no matter what happens, you will stand by each other and survive the ordeal.

Love is the most amazing thing in our lives. 
It makes our life worth living.  
It makes us human.
Nothing else truly matters.

The size of our homes, our bank balances, the speed of our car...
all these pale into insignificance when we face the splendour of what it is that really makes us tick...

Love does not make the world go around.
Love simply makes the ride worthwhile! 

Find it.  Embrace it.

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