Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Nasi Ayam Super Duper Express

I love to cook.  I know I can cook but I hate to bake cakes or biscuits.
I love it very much if the people I serve with my dishes enjoy the food and be satisfied.
One of them has left me forever.
I cook less and lesser nowadays. I cook simple food for my kids.  Simple, fast but healthy. I normally cook chicken rice, spaghetti, fried rice, fried mihun, varieties of chicken dishes and sometimes a dish of vege and fish/seafood nowadays.  Not forgetting Barry's favourite, lamb curry.
No more meriah-meriah like curry fish head, sayur terung asam or even tempoyak goreng.

It is my dream to open up a kedai makan in future.
Few of my ladies colleague have agreed to team up.
What will we serve?
Authentic dayak food, cheap and affordable but no cincai-cincai ones.
We have aimed our potential customers....hehehehe

Let me share my super express way of cooking nasi ayam or chicken rice.
My sis did ask for the recipe yesterday morning.

1.  Marinate the chicken pieces with pound ginger and 'sesedap rasa' or 'secukup rasa' whichever yang you ada.  No need salt or ajinomoto. But you need to put some sesame oil and dashes of black pepper. You can also add up the chicken cube. Kalau big family more chicken pieces lah.  Kalau small family, lesser lah. But kalau ada yang kuat makan, and akan bertambah-tambah u agak-agaklah.  It would be better if you can marinate the chicken for a few hours but usually mine is just about half an hour.

2.  Then the rice.  Prepare your rice for cooking as normally you do.  Once you have measured the water level bla bla bla.... arrange the marinated chicken pieces on top.  Throw in a few teaspoon of butter if you want the extra ummmph.  You can also throw in daun pandan for extra aroma.

3.  Switch on your rice cooker and leave it to cook macam biasa.

4. Tadaa...... Nasi Ayam Super Express siap untuk dimakan!

Tak percaya? Give it a try.  Prepare your own chili sauce but I prefer mine to be eaten with dashes of Kicap ABC.  Dont forget to serve it with slices of cucumber or salad.

Happy cooking guys!

Note:  Kena jangkit Miss Ophelia and Madam Dinah posting a recipe entry... hehehe :)


Ez Vina said...

Wah mcm menarik, my children love nasi ayam.

Coffee Girl said...

Satu post yg paling mudah bah...
Dan satu recipe yg juga nampak mudah... I must try! Wohoo! *i always tot i need to cook the rice separately using chicken stock from boiled chicken, rupanya cara ni pun boleh.*

Tia said...

Ez Vina & Coffee Girl,
A fren taught me and I improvise sikit. Sharing is caring ma....

Ophelia John said...

Berjangkit blog memasak tok... very simple, boleh try dan makan!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

If you open up a restaurant. ..I will definitely go there.

Tia said...

Ophelia.... byk idea mok diblogkan tapi nak masuk gear satu susah. So tetiba idea blog about this dtg.. terus i hentam. Photos were taken quite sometime ago.

Mudah2 tercapai angan-angan itu.nanti

Aliey Eyezie Nurhaizi Mostapha said...

sedap sedap... improvise nasi ayam... :)

time i dok umah sewa and berbekalkan sejibik periuk nasi - i pun polah kedak tok... sekali harung semua masak... hahahaha....