Monday, January 19, 2015

Hola !!!

Good morning.
It's been a while that I have not updated this blog.
I 'm still reading other people's blog.  A lot.  There are about 10 blogs that I checked on everyday.
Some are of entertainments, personal, politics and even health and living stuff.
I love to read (less of physical books nowadays).  I love to know things, that can wow or excite me.
Through reading, I learn a lot.  Really a lot, it helps me to face this challenging world.

So, what's with the photo of me up there?
I guess that would be how I look if I were to choose to be an educator twenty five years ago.
I would be a lecturer now, or even a headmistress.  He he he he....
A kind-hearted, approachable, easy going but hey.... 'show me the result' type!
Maybe I would be lecturing in the field of accounting and management, or marketing or geographical thingy. 
I love geography. How can that be a boring subject?

Have a great day... a blessed week... !
Will come back with more naughty and cheeky stuff to write..... hahahaha!


Najib Ariyan said...

best jugak kalau dah baca2 kat memana tu kan Tia bagi pandangan sendiri kat blog sendiri... kan ada blog tu jugak macam ada syarikat majalah sendiri... boleh buat artikel sendiri boleh letak gambar sendiri...

salam singgah

Tia said...

akak ku cuba... 😆😆

Coffee Girl said...

Headmistress aku sokong! Boleh saja. :)