Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Sound pollution. GROSS!

In the office, I sit in a room with two senior guys.
Senior in their positions and age.
We are under the same unit, but looking after different customers / systems.
One is my direct boss.
Each one of us is ten years different in age, in a way.
I was born in 1969, my boss in 1959 and the other guy in 1949. We are the 'niners'... hehehe.

My boss can sit on his chair and concentrate on his work from 8 to 11 without getting out of the chair for a pee.  He ever did.  How he can 'tahan' also I dont know. But he must has his strong cup of coffee.  His drug he said.  Fine... no problem.

The other guy however, produces a lot of sound from his cubicles. He is in a cubicle.
My boss and I prefer an open concept.  But he advised me to put a partition in between us.
He said, " ladies sometimes need to touch up your hair and makeup and even need to adjust your toot".
True... hahahaha.  So, the partition was installed.

Back to the other guy or old man (my boss says) punya story.
Once in a while, you can hear him clearing his throat.  So, the ehem ehem sound produced.
BUT, he had a cough, bad cough a few months back.  And now, not only that I can hear the ehem ehem sound but spitting sound.  Oh man.... Just imagine this flow:

Ehem ehem sound 
then the sound of crumpling or rustling of getting and holding a plastic bag 
then the sound of spitting into the plastic bag
then back to the sound of crumpling or rustling of getting and holding a plastic bag again...

well reused in this case...... :) :)

Does it not sound GROSS to you?

Pardon me oh Lord!

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Ez Vina said...

Adoh, dgr lagu pake earphone jak la mun gia.