Thursday, May 28, 2015

Against all taugeh.

Taugeh is the malay name for bean sprout.
Taugeh is used largely in Chinese, Malay and even Indian cooking.
In Chinese cooking,  you can find taugeh in your char kuay teow.
In Malay cooking, you can find taugeh in your laksa sarawak, mee goreng, mi kolok or mi sapi and even in your tauhu sumbat.
In Indian cooking, you can find taugeh in your rojak india.

Why against all taugeh?
Well, some of my frens are anti taugeh.  When they order for their laksa or mee goreng, they will say 'no taugeh' please.  Sometimes, the taugehs are still served.  My frens wont mind to pick and put aside the taugeh one by one.... yes to that extent!

For me, I will ask for extra taugeh please!!

Surprisingly 'Against All Taugeh' is the name of my happy hour buddies group in the whatsapp.  And the profile pic is as per below:

The group consist of so many races - Jawa, Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Cina, Melayu and our age ranges from 23 to 45.  Obviously I am the eldest.  Hey... we mix well.  We can joke on any topics under the sun.  We can 'hentam' anyone in the group but all will end up as a joke.

For all we know, one is related to the other.  The other is related to me.  The other is related to the other also.  Be it thru blood or paper.  What a small world.

Sometimes we get together for makan-makan:

Sometimes we get together for happy hour or coffee break:

Due to work commitments and my busy schedule, and often get exhausted once reached home, I jarang-jarang meet up with them nowadays.  But we do actively communicate with each other through the social media - whatsapp.

Love you all to bits! We cheer up each other... we care for each other.  


Jacqueline Chong said...

RLOL! i baru post up taugeh ipoh! muahahahaha

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