Thursday, October 01, 2015

A submarine and a helicopter.

It's the first day of October.  My last post was on the 20th of July.
It's been awhile.  So many things that I wanna share and tell here. 
But my inner self told me to just keep it to myself.  Gotta be selective nowadays.
I believe and have been practising this.... if you have nothing good to say, just be quiet.
Fair enough kan?

For the past few days and nights, I have been coaching MsCengal with her Maths.  She is preparing for her semester exam. Well, thank goodness I am still able to tackle most of the maths questions.  Many many years ago, I was a part time tutor at one of the tuition centre in town.  I taught Maths for Form 1 to 3.  I love maths.

This morning, as I was busy preparing some project reports in the office, MsCengal whatsapp me some questions. She needed help. So, a mommy gotta do what a mommy need to do.  Layan lah beb...
Well, I had to draw a submarine and a helicopter... just to illustrate for her better understanding.  Kinda cute my artwork kan?  Instead of saying thank you, MsCengal just 'lol'ed me.  Bertuah punya anak.

This is one of the many questions on the angle topic that she whatsapped me. No problem in solving them as I always score in this topic during my school days.  Very interesting and very challenging indeed.  

Thanks for reading.  
Tia :)

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Lee said...

Hello Tia, how you doin'? Great to see you good in maths. I was never good at arithmetic or maths, always one hair above the equator where tests, exams are concerned, but somehow scrapped thru.
Looking at your questions here, kepala pusing mabuk, ha ha. I give up!
Anyway, have a great week and keep a song in your heart.