Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Till 'buruk' do us part!

Do you guys have this favourite t-shirt that you keep after so many years? It has faded and maybe torn a bit here and there but you still keep and wear it. I guess most of us have one.  It is so damn comfortable to wear.  When you wear it, you will feel so relax and down to earth.  

Well, this is mine.

Bought it ten years ago at Nam Ho departmental store at Tabuan Jaya for about RM20++. I am not sure whether that store still exist now. I bought two pieces, one black and one gray.  The gray is my favorite piece.
I wear it with my jeans or shorts.
I wear it to sleep.  I wear it at home during weekends.  I even wear it to jalan-jalan at The Spring. 
I even brought the two pieces to Bangkok last year and wore them there.

I am not sure how long it will last before it becomes 'kain buruk' in the kitchen or 'kain lap kaki'.

I am a keeper. For sure. Till 'buruk' do us part!

Have a nice day peeps.. ;)


Anonymous said...

Old n torn ones r collectible n highly sought items. I have one for sale.. It has a "dacing" logo follow by this slogan : undilah BN. PM if interested.

Tia said...

Hahaha.... that is so cool! Better keep it Sir!
Dacing may be gone.

Lee said...

Hello Tia, ha ha, love this posting. I still have 3 shirts I bought 35 years ago, unable to wear anymore as when I bought them I was a slim 145 pond man, today a 205 or 93kg, but love them due memories.
Also I have my Zippo cigarette lighter 45 years old, still using it.

You look good in that t-shirt, can't tell its that "old". Anyway, I too love old t-shirts.
You have a nice day, keep a song in your heart.

Tia said...

Hello Mr Lee,
Thanks for dropping by.
Looks like we are a 'keeper'. We treasure things that is of value to us walaupun lama dan koyak. Hi Five to that!