Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dirty Dozen

These pictures were taken in 2005. We called ourselves ‘The Dirty Dozen’. We were in the same section/unit. Yes, 12 of us minus the section head. Now, there are only four of us left.

Berbagai kaum dan agama. Ada Bidayuh, Iban, Orang Ulu, Cina, dan Melayu. Penganut Buddha, Kristian dan Islam. Ada yang dah berpindah ke seksyen lain, ada yang bekerja di tempat lain. Ada yang berhijrah ke Australia. Ada yang bekerja di Brunei kini. Ada yang dah jadi sales manager di TM, ada yang dah jadi pengarah di jabatan kerajaan, ada yang jadi branch manager.

From the four, one person is leaving us soon. Here it goes again! Will it initiate a domino effect this year? Can’t say much. It did last year. 3 left.

We enjoyed each other’s company. We enjoyed laughing, fooling around, hating and bitching together…

Hmm…. Really misses the good old days..


viruspadu said...

semua dah berjaya yer


One Other ... said...

sapa jd pengarah di jab kerajaan? yg i tau, penolong pengarah adalah...

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