Friday, August 01, 2008

It's August !!

Yes, it's August already, the 8th month of the year.
A lot of things are happening in this month.
Cengal 6th b'day, mom's b'day, niece Aisya's b'day too.. What else? The OLYMPIC, of course.
Cengal b'day=Olympic Games starts=08.08.08
What a coincidence... ha ha ha
Also, our country Independent Day on the 31st.

Hey, I have been actively blogging. Thanks to Mr. Bear!
His comment pushed the button!

Happy weekend!!


Beruang Madu said...

I am happy for you too... lihat lah dunia... Mam Berlian dan Cengal dah mual beroperasi seperti sediakala... hehehehhee

IdzaRis said...

besday i pun dlm bln august...
this coming monday (4/8)

hepi besday semua...

One Other ... said...

august yeay! 4 more months before 2009. How time flies...

Happy besday! eh... udah nak?