Tuesday, July 27, 2010

nasi goreng belacan

i cooked this last nite (photo from google). lazy and tired from office also kena cook. luckily those 2 kids just asked for egg sandwiches.

nasi goreng belacan. nyums nyums. i put a lot of chili padi. baru ada kick! pounded them with ikan bilis, then of course ... belacan. fried with tons of bawang besar yang telah dipotong dadu... he he he. threw in the nasi sejuk (nasi lebih semalam gua simpan dalam fridge). then klang kung klang kung the sound of kuali kena gelek. pinch of salt. a few dash of soy sauce.


the thing about cooking is, if you dont think much about doing it or while doing it, the result is magnificent. let your negative energy flow with your kung fu while stirring the food in the kuali... ha ha ha ha. it is kind of therapy for me. cooking do distress me? is there such a word huh?

so, what's cooking tonite?


lvynana said...

KLANG KUNG KLANG KUNG..Mesti mok pake kuali besar dengan sudu besi and api gas yang besar ya..baruk dapat sound effect power gia.
macam aku guna sudu 'plastic' jak..sikda bunyi...sik best..

CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

mun aku mok molah efek klang klung ya makei kuali yg hitam ya, beri api kuat kuat perggghhh.. nang rasa goreng nasi di stall /kedai ajak ahahha

BB' L@uRa said...

erm...ur entry makes me feels like ooking 2nite...gne tek? klang klung klang klung? heheh

Coffee Girl said...

Mama, watever heppen to Journey to 77? hhaha