Thursday, July 22, 2010

baby cries uwek uwek...

Babies have big heads and big eyes, and tiny little bodies with tiny little arms and legs. So did the aliens at Roswell! I rest my case.
William Shatner

what make them have the heart to throw their babies away? left the babies in garbage bins? wrapped them in old newspapers and just left them by the walkway? bury them alive? kalau baby macam di atas, u nak buang or jual ke?

some are desperate to do so and have no other choice. 'sigh'!!

All babies are beautiful.
Jeanne Calment

no matter what race and the nationality. babies are cute and beautiful. call them black, white, yellow or brown, there are just babies. they are to be loved!

when i'm alone with my kids, lying around in their beds, i love to tell them to measure their feet against my palm. i will show them how small their feet were before. both of their feet are longer than my palm now!

orang dulu-dulu cakap, if a baby starts to do the above, tandanya minta adik lah tu? betulke?


Faizal n Fashitah said...

Uihhh...sapa gigit kaki tek? Barry ka Cengal? Haa.. sidak mok baby baru la ya Mama eh hehehehe.. XD

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Big Momma, we have similar cases here too of babies being abandoned...even killed. There's a case going on presently of a baby being killed.

Personally I think these people are very sick, as no normal mother or father will do harm to a halpless baby. Kesian betul la.
You keep well, Big Momma....have a nice day, Lee.

Big Momma said...

Mr & Mrs F,
awal warning ngan kitak sebenarnya... tunggu jak 5-6 bulam agik... he he he

Uncle Lee,
Thanks for the regular visits! If i am a billionaire, i will open one baby bank.. where u can deposit the unwanted babies...

Coffee Girl said...

Mama, no matter what excuse those people give in their defense, God is watching out for every baby and woe to those who do them harm. There will be a comeuppance, without fail, one day.

On another note, does that mean cengal akan ada adik? hehe

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Big Momma, you have a good heart...
How you doin'?
Have a pleasant week...
Let me know if you cooking anything special, I take the bus over, ha ha. Lee.