Wednesday, August 18, 2010

redmummy, i got it already!

28 July 2010, seperti hari biasa datang ofis, kalau tak da meeting terus surfing dulu. i was early that day. 8.15 dah sampai ofis. on laptop. check email dulu. then buka browser. check blog sendiri and the rest...... when come to redmummy punya blog.... eh ada peraduan, the first 50 yang submit form akan dapat redmummy punya car sticker. so, filled up and submit. suka-suka and saje-saje...

On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 8:52 AM,> wrote: a form has been submitted on 28 July 2010, via: car_sticker_order

Saya Nak Car Sticker
Nama/Nickbig momma
No HP014xxxxx
Alamat37 Taman xxx

then at 9.57 am dapat email nie...

Salam & Good day.

Dear big momma,
Thank you for your interest in "Ai Read...RedMummy.Com" car sticker.
CONGRATULATIONS! You're among the first 50 readers that submitted the form. We will send your sticker to the address stated in the form, soonest possible.

Thank you for your support & stay tuned with

last friday..... terima nie.. pakai nama big momma pun sampai...wakakakaka!


red, lom pasang kat keter lagi!! hujan memanjang je kat Kuching nie (apa kaitan hujan dengan tampal car sticker, bukan tampal kat luar pun ... ha ha ha). nak decide best spot dulu.

thanks redmummy. been ur loyal reader since 2006...


Beautiful Stranger said...

bertuahnya....pasang gik..then snap!

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Memula mek mikir apa benda redmummy ya. skali mek masok website nya.. shiohh!!... nang MIRAHHH laa..

Ivy Metaga said...

best hehehe...

Elvin said...

heyz,good luck on your contest! great post

Elvin said...

ops, i posted the wrong comment on the wrong post. i mean nice car sticker. when will you have one for your own blog as well? hehe, and welcome from the sarawak blogger community.

Big Momma said...

welcome....n thanks