Tuesday, January 25, 2011

me accident!

not big bang boom one.
minor but almost an embarrassing moment this morning.

i was in a rush walking to a customer office for a meeting.
after taking the visitor pass, i continued to walk towards the office.
after a few steps.....

'PELI'oOK' bunyi kaki ku terseliuh (sprained my ankle)

'P...A.....PPP' .... sound of me landing on my knee and 2 hands

luckily tak landing on my face. if not big momma has to go for plastic surgery!

my knee scratched and bleed.

as i was still near the guard house, the guard helped to collect my stuff. handphone ku pun cermin scratch dah. cacat.

i was lucky indeed as no car and a human being pass by at that time. kalau tak memang terkejut dengan gegaran jatuhnya seorang blogger..........hahahaha

i'm okay.... no worry!


Anonymous said...

Ooo kasih mai. Hope your knee ok. Take care :)

AmirFX said...

Yahhh.. Sakit gugok cemya... Kawan kmk dolok pernah juak kenak cemya n idongnya berdarah sebab terlanggar ngn grill kedei Tong Hin..

Coffee Girl said...

Oh tedah mama... Dah jadi Fallen Woman dah kitak tok oo. Ada sijil tek? keh keh. sowie sowie... 5 hours from now, u will just laught at yourself.