Monday, July 09, 2012

I am selected for 3 days Exclusive Media Free Passes to Rainforest World Music Festival 2012

Thanks to Sarawak Bloggers for selecting me.

When I filled up the online form, I was just trying my luck.  I have never been to one.  Just imagine, duduk kat Kuching pun tak pernah pergi! Then, hey.... I got it! I did not know until one of the blogger smsed me this morning.  She was Miss Lindy.
Siap cakap, '... looking forward to meet u there!!!'

8 bloggers were selected to cover the event for 3 days under three categories, from 13 - 15 July:

(a) Concerts/Night Shows
(b) Behind the scenes/The unsung heroes
(c) The workshops/The Real Gem of RWMF (I'm under this category)

Tapi sayang seribu sayang, I have to FORGO the free passes..... :((

Mr Hubby is traveling from Thursday to Saturday.  No substitute driver to drive Barry and Cengal to music classes and tuition.  Futhermore, mak tak sihat.

Some other time then....


lvynana said...

alalalala...nevermind...we will meet There next year :)

Coffee Girl said...

sayang sayang buah kepayang... next year bunyi cam jauh jak...

Uncle Seven said...

Menar kata Coffee Girl...sayang ada jak pass ya...coba berik nga nurang lain ....

Tia said...

what to do.... hopefully, next year!!

next year bunyi jak jauh, tapi kelak sik u berasa bulan jun balik...hehehe

Uncle Seven
sudah diinform ngan pihak penganjur untuk dipass ngan blogger lain..