Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's tour your own backyard!!

Do you know that there is so much and so many things to see and discover at your own town or city or backyard?

Do you know that you can be a tourist at your own backyard? Do spend one of your Saturday or Sunday and walk along Gambier Street, Carpenter Street and India Street, in Kuching lah.  Wear your most comfortable shorts or jeans or tshirt, slippers and enjoy the view, the people walking by, the shops, bla bla bla....

This was what we did .... My father, mother, brother, sis in law, Cengal and myself jalan-jalan at our own tourist area.  My brother wanted to buy some local gift for his friends back in Sabah.  So mana lagi kalau tak ke Gambier Street/Carpenter Street/Kuching Waterfront.

One of the shop selling T-shirts, kain tenunan, local handicraft, woven bags... 
Atas tu nenek and cucu jadi model tangga!

 Tengok tu... kain sarong, kain ela corak pua kumbu and iban motif.  Various design and colours and types.

 My brother (buat muka lawak) and wife tengah pilih tshirts..

 tengok woven bags nie.... cantikkkan?

 rumah putih kat waterfront

 Sarawak Tourism Complex... dulu mahkamah majistret...

Along Carpenter Street there's a lot of Kedai Emas....  Kalau weekend morning or even hari2 biasa, susah nak cari parking kat area nie. There's a famous makan (tak halal) place here sampai masuk masuk TV few times.  Nak makan mi sup kena tunggu almost 40 minutes kalau peak hours, but worth waiting lerr...

 Tu dia... pelancong-pelancong tempatan, rombongan Cik Cengal di pintu gerbang Carpenter Street.


Coffee Girl said...

u talking about bishopgate ka? ahaha

wah, betul nice woven bag.

Ms Tikot said...

Raon2 nanggar bandar kuching

Uncle Seven said...

Hahahahahahaha...Tia..jangan ambik ati k, but ur brother looks like you..i can say Tia as male version hahahahahahahahhaa

lvynana said...

panas..sik tahan jln sia.

Tia said...

uncle seven,
no worries... ada soran gik kazen mek nok laki kedak muka I...badan pun sama size...hehehe

Tia said...

uncle seven,
no worries... ada soran gik kazen mek nok laki kedak muka I...badan pun sama size...hehehe

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tia, I enjoyed looking at your very nice tourist pics. Its true, lots of people often don't know their own city or town.
Where I am, its 45 miles across, and we get lost if venture further than our own areas, need a map.
You and family looking good.
Love those bags.
Keep well, best regards.