Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How many 'A'?

Photo of them 6 years ago..... Cheeky girl and 'maintain' handsome boy!

Now they are in Primary Four and Form 2.  Next year they will be in Primary 5 and Form 3.
Exam year for Barry.  He will be sitting for his PMR next year.

Recently, daddy asked them on their recent semester exams.

How's your result Barry?

I got 7As for all the UPSR subjects.  Another A for non-compulsory subject.  Altogether...8As.
I got 4th place in class and the 6th in the overall Form 2 in school.

Congrats and good boy Barry!
Here's the RM200 I promised u!

Thank you... (sambil mengipas 4 keping RM50 and smiling widely)

Cengal.... how's yours?

Ermmm..... 2A and 3Bs.

Ermmm.... okay.  Work harder next year ha!  Less playing on the phone, less facebooking ha...
(in a soft tone, else tear drops will fall from u know who's eyes...hehehe)

Ok.... (sambil menjeling kat I)

She is smart and witty, but plays too much with her girly stuff.
We know that she can do better.


Coffee Girl said...

Barry UPSR next year? Bukan PMR ka?

Tia said...

PMR ... mummynya mabuk dah..

Mizz Coki said...

U bukak this story, I lagik bedebar2. 8 Nov tuk UPSR results my girl keluar. GIneylah nasib anak ku ya hahahah

Tia said...

mizz coki,
dont worry, she will do well.. Just pray for her..