Tuesday, January 08, 2013


This morning, I attended a health talk on Living Food organised by our company.
Only for those who are 40 and above. 
Out of the 120 names being invited, only 40 of us registered to attend including the management. 
Where are the rest?
Busy? Shy to admit that u are in the forties and above range already kah?

It was fun.  It was very knowledgable.  Indeed.

I remembered these 3 points that the facilitator taught us on the food that we should take and consume, to ensure that they are good for the body:

1.  When the food does not exist in your grandma's time, DONT EAT IT!

2.  When the contains of the food are hard to pronounce, DONT EAT IT!

3.  When the food take less than 10 minutes to prepare, DONT EAT IT!

So, the very important advice that you can conclude from the above is...... dont eat processed and fast food.  Memang betul.  We need to change for the better.  Slowly....


ez vina said...

Ulam, salad, segala makananan mentah confirm tak boleh makan la ni, takes less than 10 min to prepare..haha

Coffee Girl said...

so no more "Mee Magee cepat dimasak sedap dimakan" lah tok? :(