Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I LOVE the new ME!!

I need to warn you, dear readers.... this post will show a lot of photos of the blog owner.  She never did this before, but for this round, it is an exception.  If you want to know more, please proceed.   It is gonna be a bit lengthy.  Should you feel like starting to puke ..... hahahaha... go and find a toilet bowl or a sink lah! 

I am sharing my experience, my journey, my thoughts.  I am not doing any product testimonial.  I am doing self testimonying..... yes! that word exist lah and correct under simple forms - compound form - participle.

Hello guys... I have been 'big', cute, happy go lucky, comel lote, montel, mok mok.  My nephews and nieces also call me Aunty Debab.  No problem with that.  Sounds cute to me.  But hey .. I am proud to say that I fall under the voluptuous category. I do have the boobs, the size most women would envy.  Takde lah macam tiang rumah tapi flat je kan?

The collage photo on the left below are photos of me taken in the year 2009 - 2011.  On the right, photos were taken in the year 2012 - 2103.  You see... all smiling faces kan? Tak da monyok-monyok. I am happy with myself and what I am. It is the inner you that attracts people to be comfortable with your company and get along with you well.  

Be yourself, be humble, treat people the way you want to be treated and life will be kind to you.  You treat me good, I will definitely treat you much better.  I have the naughty side of me.  Close friends and colleagues will admit that. Hehehe...... sssshhhhh... jangan cakap kuat-kuat.  Let it be our secrets.  Otherwise, I may look serious at times. You would not dare to even get near or say hi to me... :)

Okay, back to track.

I realised that I lost 10kg in early Jan this year.  Unbelievable.  How did I do it? 
Losing my darling hubby is a contributing factor. 

Did I weep too much?  
Maybe for the first few months.  Me and my kids have accepted his departure now.  He is always with us... in our heart.

So what is it?.
My late hubby liked to eat at home.  Breakfast and dinner.  For lunch he had to take outside food, no choice.  For breakfast, I would wake up as early as 5am and prepared breakfast such as fried rice, fried mee, nasi lemak, or american breakfast.  He wanted to ensure that the kids get hearty breakfast before going to school.  We would tapau the left over to office and school.

The same goes for dinner.  Back from office after fetching the kids at my mom's place, I would go straight to the kitchen.... yes still in my office attire.  There was no such thing as just one dish.  I had to prepare a vege dish that could be enjoyed by everybody, else a vege dish for him (sayur kampung) and a vege dish for kids (long beans, french beans, mix vege). Not only that, there would be a fish dish for him, and chicken or meat dish for the kids.  So, that summed up to 3 dishes at least.  Yes... at least.

I makan apa?  I makan semua, jadi trienekens... waste management system.
Kalau goreng tempoyak, I makan bertambah-tambah tak ingat dunia.
I had to sit and eat together, so that the kids would eat too.
Once in a while we would eat out for special occasions like birthday or kena tiket 4D...hehehe.
Once in a while I would cook just spaghetti and prepared salad.
Once in a while I would prepare grilled lamb and chicken plus salad.

So.... there u go... complete meal, healthy meal equaled to healthy and chubby mummy!!

However... the late started to fall sick and no selera to eat by end of July last year.  He changed his food consumption from there on.  The kids maintained the same.  He left us on 17 Sept 2013.  Everything changes thereafter.  

What are the changes?
I did not cook for the first 3-4 months after his departure.  Too sad to cook.  To sad to prepare food because all these while I had been cooking for him and the kids.  We stayed at my parents' house for a month plus before we moved back to our own place. I would ask the kids to eat at my parents' house before we balik in the evening. Sometimes I just tapau for them.  I would skip dinner.  

Slowly, I cut on my rice. Slowly, I feel lighter and my clothes are starting to be loose and baggy. I had to buy new blouses and pants.  Slowly, I feel great.  Slowly, my muka makin kecik and I can tuck in my blouse.  I felt more confident, happy and satisfied with the new lighter, a bit smaller me.  My weight dropped to 82kg in a matter of 4 - 5 months.  Not drastic for sure.

How I look now?
Taken on 8 Feb.  I attended a colleague's wedding ceremony in Sibu. Feeling great! I can dress up, not too girly but I prefer sexy,elegance and smart.

The photos above were taken on 18 Feb.  See... I rasa bangga I can tuck in my blouse/shirt now. Purposely put in the group photo so that I can make comparison and to assure myself that..... hey, I dont look bigger than them....hehehe.

The latest me.  Taken last Sunday (orange) and yesterday (inserted photo).  Muka nampak kecikkan?  I massage the jaw bone everytime I wash my face, hoping that my face will become runcing....hahahaha. Buncit kat perut pun dah kurang.  Despite all these..... the boobs maintain sexy babe!! Voila!! Kalau hilang keseksiannya, hilanglah keunikanku or identiti Big Momma.

I can do it, U can do it!!  
I intend to lose another 5 - 10 kg. I will not reach my ideal weight, I will be too skinny at 58kg. Need to work out and tone up the flabby and saggy area under the arms, stomach and thighs. Lets Zumba, still procastinating.... hahaha. Alasan, no member no gang.

Simple regime from me to loose weight.. 

* skip dinner or no big meal after 6pm
* cut on rice.  
I like to eat nasi ayam penyet, so I will finish the chicken and the ulams and just finish 1/4 of the rice.
* dont skip breakfast. 
I take heavy breakfast everyday.  It will last me until lunch.  Sometimes I take lunch sometimes I will miss it   as I need to rush for a meeting after fetching the kids and send them to my mom's place.  I will then replace   it with late lunch or a meal before 6pm.
* drink a lots of water.
Yes... I have been drinking a lot of plain water, more than 2 litres a day.  I cut on my coffee intake and sweet drinks too.
* be happy and enjoy yourself 
Go for a drink session with frens, sing your heart out and move that sexy body of yours to the rhythm of the music.  I can stand dancing for 3 hours but not jogging for 1/2 hour.... hehehe
* sucikan hati dan pemikiranmu.  
Face your problems and challenges.  Dont torture yourself if u cannot deal with it. Step back and relook. Retract if u need to. Else, ask for help from your trusted friend. Sooner or later the solution will pop out!

Soalan cepumas.... u slim ni nak cari laki baru ke?
HAHAHAHAHA..... biarlah laki cari aku!!!

Hope u enjoy what I have written..... 


f.i.e.z.a said...

u look great mama!
love how u look now as i havent shed a gram pun despite of having to prepare for my wedding coming soon.


Tia said...
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Tia said...

tq tq.... love thy self girl
better still if ur darl like u the way u are... that is most important

selamat membuat persiapan for your wedding...

Anonymous said...

Hi KAK. Happy kamek nangga kitak happy. Kamek pun mok diet juak tok. Kamek took food lover. Badan OK , tap I perut buncit. Berat sebelum menjadi food lover is 58 kg. Now 64kg. Kamek makan apa jak yang kamek rasa mok makan. Let's say I'm having lunch at kopitiam, kamek makan nasi ayam . Then tengah makan tek tetiba jak nangga stall jual bak so. Aishemen, bagus ku makan bakso tek. Sik pa lah, katok order agik. Ya lah my bad attitude. Rangkak. But I love to eat. By the way I love your pictures. Especially nak gambar ramei remei ya, suddenly gambar ktk jak clear . Nang kacak arum bulak tek.
Cucu nenek kebayan

Tia said...

Cucu Nenek Kebayan,
Makasih eh.... kita mesti berfikiran positif, mesti happy ... dlm hati Tuhan jak tau. Samalah kita tok... rangkak makan juak. Sik dpt ndak nemu bakso, sak jak minta bakso kosong sik ber mee or mihun kedong tek tgh makan nasi goreng juak....hahahaha

yang penting kita happy n sihat walafiat....

Priscilla-Needsahug said...

Hey! You look great! Glad to hear you are taking a sad news and make it into something good and motivating. Glad to hear you did not lose hope in life as well. Hope you will continue a happy life even without your husband. May God bless you :)