Wednesday, February 19, 2014

TANDAS Paling HAVOC.. havoc

This is the most HAVOC toilet I have ever visited to ease myself.  
U masuk toilet tu and your mata dah start melilau ke kiri ke kanan ke atas ke bawah.
U suppose to spend less than 5 minutes dah jadi 10 minit coz sibuk nak baca pantun dan poster-poster.

You can find this public toilet at the Pusat Rehat, Layar, Betong.  Just by the road site next to the Petronas Station in Betong... not in the Betong town area, but the highway. On your right hand side if you are driving up to Sarikei/Sibu.
The lovely and beautiful decorations at the entrance. Flowers and handcrafts are arranged neatly.  Two cute panda toys pun ada.

Look at the poster below.  Notice anything funny?

Kalau keluar caj nya free.............. of course.  Takkan masuk bayar keluar pun bayarkan?

The posters to differentiate the male and female toilets.  Not bad huh?
The temptation to take photos memang berkobar-kobar...... sampai terlupa matlamat sebenar ke sini.

Below are some of the poster-poster pantun yang sempat di snap-snap.

Sebenarnya melambak lagi poster-poster kat dalam toilet tu... colorful and pantunnya pun mencuit hati.

The toilets are clean and well maintained.  Siap ada karaoke set kat luar.  Kalau teman u lama sangat bertapa kat dalam toilet, U is no worry... pasang  cd, ambi mikrofon and melalak lah kat situ.  Boleh order kopi of soft drink ngan jajan kat stall berdekatan...

Pekerja kat sini patut diberi pujian kerana sungguh kreatif and komited, and we can conclude that they love their job very much walaupun sekadar memegang jawatan penjaga tandas.  They were very friendly and showed their big smile when I chatted with them that day.

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Coffee Girl said...

very chic. girly. sweet. makes a big deal out of a big business deal. These ppl means big business. lol. The making of a very pleasant afternoon. Donno what im blabbering about but i'll be sure to drop by the tandas next time. Last i was there they werent so presentable. Good job!