Friday, March 28, 2014


I just got to know the 'why' part of the go bald event in relation to cancer.
Slap myself hard hard.  Only got to know the meaning behind all these last Saturday!  
After all these years. I thought it us just an act for you to get people to donate for a good cause.

Photo credits to Tune Hotel FB
Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy tend to experience hair loss.  Late hubby didnt go through that procedure.  He only took the chemo pills orally.  
As written in the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society (SCCS) FB info, Go Bald is an awareness cum fundraising event for the SCCS. The objective is by shaving our heads we aim to send the message to children that hair loss is only a temporary setback in their road to recovery.

Laa..... itu sebabnya.  Easy to comprehend. Aku je yang lembab.

This year is their version Go Bald 6.0

Mr Hamdan of Tune Hotels, Tia and Mr Gary, Manager of Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching
Thanks to my fren, Mr Hamdan of Tune Hotels who invited me to join the event last Saturday's afternoon, 22 March where in conjunction with Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching's 5th Anniversary, they also organised a special event "Going Bald for KIDS with Cancer' in support of children with cancer and the Sarawak Children's Cancer Society (SCCS) at the lobby of Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching.

It was my first time I set my foot at Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching.
It was my first time too to witness this go bald event, although it was just a teaser event.
Me go bald? No.... not yet.  I will if I want to... hehehe.

During the event, 14 staff of Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching and Mr Kishore Suppiah, the Country Head of Tune Hotels Malaysia went bald and raised more than RM6,300. Congrats and Syabas!!

Happy 5th Anniversary to Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching! 
Congratulations on the great event!!

THE PITBULLs...... u r sexy men!
Photo credits to Tune Hotels FB

If you dun wanna go bald...... lets support the Go Bald event and donate!

Here are the dates and the venue of the
 biggest shave ever! Go Bald 6.0 :-

Kuching :
Venue : CityONE Megamall
Date : 04 May 2014

Venue: Delta Mall
Date: 11 May 2014

Venue: Parkcity Mall
Date: 18 May 2014

Miri :
Venue : Bintang Megamall
Date : 25 May 2014

For more information about this event, visit the website or

Writing for a good cause... :)

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Coffee Girl said...

Mama, bila u sign up, i will be ur mid-high supporter and donor. :-)