Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The significant 17.

The number of agony waiting days for a definitive conclusion of #MH370.
Finally, it was announced by the Prime Minister last night that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 'ended' in the southern Indian Ocean.
The 'What' has been answered.  So as the 'When' and the 'Where'.
We are left with 2W and 1H.
The 'Who', the 'Why' and the 'How'.
Eagerly waiting to know the truth.

My thought and prayers are all with the families and the loved ones of those on board.
May God bless their souls... #rememberingMH370

The 17th day of September last year.
Dear darling hubby left us.  You will always be in our hearts.
Rest in peace dear...
If only you were in my arms again.... (title of a nice song....)

The 17th day of next month is my birthday.
Wishing for more blessings from God.
That would be enough.

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