Monday, August 25, 2014

JOKOWI n HEAVY METAL! Yeah yeah...

Read about this man, Jokowi, the president-elect of Indonesia in one of the national newspaper this morning. He will be sworn-in as President of Indonesia, taking over the office on this coming 20 October.
Full name is Joko Widodo, of Javanese descent.

The most interesting part that I just got to know and read is that he loves listening to loud music, and it is HEAVY METAL!  

He listens to Led Zeppelin, Lamb of God, Napalm Death, Guns N Roses etc. And he regards it as 'therapuetic'.

Yo..... rock kapak giler... samalah kita owh...
I do sometimes play this heavy metal bands' CDs in the car while driving and banging my head, especially when I am under stress and there are so many things to think and worry about.  It does help.
Barry enjoys heavy metal too... 
Sometimes we play Guns n Roses and Led Zeppelin in the car, on our way home.... mak and anak-anak enjoy bersama...hahahaha.

I am beginning to admire this man, and shall follow his perkembangan semasa.
Now I know why my fren, En Dan jadikannya his idola.  Dia puji Jokowi sebagai 'tetap ganteng walau kekampungan'.  

Well said Sir!

For me now.... he rocks !!

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wow great news, boleh la melawat Indonesia camtok ;)